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Tofu 101 Workshop Prep Kit

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This kit is the accompanying box of ingredients for our online Tofu 101 Workshop. The next workshop takes place on March 7. To register for the workshop, go to

Each kit contains: 

3 blocks of tofu (med-firm, extra-firm and soft)

946ml carton of unsweetened soymilk

peeled garlic, green onions, one lemon

mustard powder, sea salt, black pepper, italian seasoning, ground cumin, parsley flakes

250ml jar of Jinglepear Deli Tofu Seasoning Blend

250ml jar of Jinglepear Deli Savoury Soup Stock Powder

250ml jar of Jinglepear Deli Mayonnaise

300ml bottle Tamari soy sauce

125ml bottle liquid smoke 

sunflower oil

300ml tub breadcrumbs