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Just Egg Folded Breakfast Patty

Regular price $1.75

Made with mung beans, Just Egg has more protein than the average egg, but with less saturated fat and zero cholesterol and without hurting any chickens! Simply heat in a toaster, microwave, oven or frying pan! Tastes great alone, on a sandwich, or chopped up for noodles and stir-fries.

Just Egg patties are normally available for retail purchase individually plastic-wrapped, in boxes of four, for about $2.50 per patty. We wanted to give you the option to avoid that plastic packaging as well as be able to offer a better price, so we buy them by the case, minus the wrappers. Therefore can offer them at a lower price and wrapped in our eco-friendly paper packaging. For an even more eco-friendly packaging option, check out our mysuppli containers here!

Sold and delivered frozen. Gluten Free.